Friday, February 6, 2009


What's good bloggers. I see that its been lots of people online blogging and not fully saying what they feel, or not saying the shit the way it should be said ya dig. So me being the person I'am, I decided to give it to you the only way I know how....RAW AND UNCUT. If its on the web and I feel like talking about it...I WILL!! If it came on TV last night and you waiting for someone to tell you if it was bullshit or not...I WILL!! If its hot on the streets, floating on the block, or just word of mouth...and you need someone to tell you what's really going on...I WILL!!! I'm Heataman, that just what the fuck I do. So stay tuned, stay focuss and make sure you here everyday to see what's really good! HOPE YOU READY FOR THE HOOD.